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Sorry, no kittens for the moment...

A = Available (still free), B = Boked (Deposit is paid), S = Sold

O = Option (One or more has asked for the kitten, but first comes first!)

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Proud Parents

Kittens will be ready for delivery in about






Buyers info:

We sell our cats due to SVERAK´s (Swedish national 
federatin for Cat Fancier)regulations when they 
are 12-13w.old,vaccinated, chiped, de-wormed, 
vet.inspect., insured and with their own certificate 
from SVERAK. 
And the most important of all, after we have met You
and found out that they are going to have a nice 
life and home with You!
the price is 6,500:- SEK + ev. shipping and other 
costs for global export and export vaccines...
The price is common when it comes to serious
breeders unice care for both Queens and Kitties. 
It is not a free ride to breed with serious methods.
Our Queens are HCM free. We will follow this up
with recommended follow up tests. They have given
us nice show results. We give them the very best 
food, yes we feel we have done eveything we could 
have to make the start the very best for our Kittens.

So You as buyer can feel safe buying Kittens from us.